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Impact of University Field Supervision on Administrative Mindsets


Educational Leadership, Principal Preparation, Principal Certification


The purpose of this study was to evaluate perceptions of principal preparation program candidates regarding the impact professional coaching and field supervision had on the development of their administrative mindsets. A secondary purpose was to determine if there was a significant difference in perceptions regarding the impact that professional coaching and field supervision had on administrative mindsets when comparing students who received face-to-face field supervision and coaching activities to those involved in online field supervision and coaching activities. Forty percent of the 150 principal candidates contacted in this study responded to a survey regarding their practicum field experiences. Candidates noted that both the online medium and face-to-face medium were positive in contributing to their professional growth and learning within the program. Inferential tests revealed little if any significant difference regarding the perceived impact online field supervision activities had on developing administrative mindsets as compared to those participating in face-to-face field supervision activities.



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