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Talk or Walk


School Principal, Librarian, Shared Leadership, Instructional Leadership


Beginning in March of 2020, public school educators at all levels were thrown into a situation in which they were required to drastically alter pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. The move from classroom-based instruction to a virtual platform, whether synchronous or not, was too often done on-the-fly and with mixed results. With the realization and acceptance, albeit grudgingly, that web-based, internet-based, and/or virtual platforms need to be greatly expanded to the population and may become the norm for public education, there clearly exists a need for an expanded definition of instructional leadership.

The purpose of this study is to explore perceptions of school administrators regarding the role of the professionally trained school librarian in the K-12 environment with respect to campus change processes and activities that relate to collaboration between the librarian and the classroom teacher. To investigate this purpose, the researchers elicited data from specific questions on the Principal Technology Leadership Assessment Survey that were overtly related to the purpose of the research.



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