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Partnering Educational Leadership and Preservice Teacher Candidates


classroom observations, educator preparation programs, preservice teachers, teacher preparation programs, supervision


This research proposes a new model for Educational Leadership and Teacher Preparation Programs through a “Practitioner-Based Mentor-Teacher Candidate Model”, which is intended to be beneficial to both the aspiring school leader as the evaluator and mentor and the preservice teacher as the recipient of the feedback. With the shift to virtual and hybrid learning during the recent global health pandemic, methods to classroom observational-based supervision were challenged to adapt appropriately. Through a partnership of leadership and teacher preparation programs, the implementation of virtual classroom observations, including post-conferencing to encourage authentic and reflective feedback is proposed to provide evidence-based strategies for leadership candidates to fulfill their requirements for state licensure while advancing as instructional leaders and for preservice teachers to be better prepared for today’s classroom. This model is intended to help educator preparation programs provide innovative and sound support to leadership and teacher candidates as they navigate their preparation programs. A successful pairing of these student groups has the potential to create a powerful collaboration through a pedagogical approach in which the teacher candidates are engaged with future school leaders who they collaborate with as mentors.



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