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2022 TCPEA Outstanding Dissertation of the Year


Leadership, Pandemic, Title I Schools


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of administrative support on teachers in Title I schools during the Coronavirus pandemic. This study added to the knowledge base by providing information on teachers' work experiences in Title I schools during the Coronavirus pandemic. This study included a review of data collected from interviews of elementary teachers in a Title 1 district. A purposeful sample of 12 teachers who worked in Title 1 elementary schools during the Coronavirus pandemic were interviewed. The interviews provided an in-depth understanding of the teachers’ perceptions on administrative support during the pandemic in Title 1 schools. The findings of this study showed that administrative support has a significant role in influencing on teachers’ perception of teaching, self-efficacy, decreasing stress, cultivating positive school culture, and lessening teacher burnout. The recommendations include ways district and school level administrators can create a collaborative learning environment where teachers and students are successful.



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