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Curated Conferences to Strengthen Equity Leadership Capacity


school leadership preparation, leadership for equity, conference learning, school leadership for equity, curated conference learning


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to determine whether a Curated Conference Learning Experience (CCLE) could stimulate new learning or deepen existing learning around leadership for equity by engaging four andragogical theories: critical theory and praxis, new learning, guided learning, and reflective learning within a community of practice. Faculty members selected sessions focused on equity, provided journal prompts, and conducted focus groups for 13 students enrolled in a Masters of School Administration program at national educational leadership conference. Findings indicate new and strengthened learning in the areas of (1) relationship building; (2) understanding identity and co-constructing leadership for equity; (3) roadblocks and realizations; (4) connection to previous coursework; and (5) increased commitment to equity work. Our conceptual framework can be applied across disciplines for more intentional, pedagogical designs for transformative student conference learning.



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