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Social Media Practices


social media, k-12 administrators, COVID-19, school leadership


The educational disruption caused by COVID-19 increased awareness of the value of organizational resiliency/sustainability and the critical need for administrators to provide timely communication among all stakeholders. If preparation programs are to provide administrators with the skills and knowledge to effectively use social media as a communication tool, we must explore the practices and perceptions of school administrators’ use of social media to communicate with stakeholders and to identify their recommended social media communication practices. The Social Media as a Tool to Effectively Communicate with Stakeholders Survey and interviews were used for data collection. Findings are focused on comfort levels, perceived effectiveness, benefits, concerns, and recommended practices reported by the school administrators who participated in the study. While, social media was found to be an effective communication tool that can promote and support positive public relations, there were noted gaps in self-efficacy and best practices of the reporting administrators. Research literature, preparation programs, and practicing administrators will equally benefit from the outcomes of this study.



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