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black students, culturally responsive practices, school to prison pipeline, discipline practices


The school to prison pipeline is a social phenomenon in which students become formally involved with the criminal justice system due to behavior issues being addressed with law enforcement consequences rather than school-imposed consequences (Owens, 2015). Culturally responsive practices can also support educators' understanding of the unique abilities and untapped assets in students of color while encouraging a more appropriate response to their behavior (Quigley, 2014). This qualitative study was conducted to determine if culturally responsive practices can disrupt the school to prison pipeline for Black students. The study included campuses across five school districts in southeast Texas. The purpose of conducting this research study is to determine if the consistent implementation of culturally responsive classroom practices could affect the disruption of the school to prison pipeline. Results of the study were the continuation of a knowledge deficit in understanding culturally responsive practices and how to implement this system effectively in classrooms.



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