The Emerging Scholars program offers ongoing mentoring, personalized feedback, and opportunities for individual and collaborative scholarly development. Participants are encouraged to present at the Texas-NAME annual conference and publish their research in the Journal of Multicultural Affairs' special issue for Emerging Scholars. The publication process is supportive, beginning with mentorship and discussions on manuscript organization. Peer review involves the mentor, a contributing author, and previous emerging scholars as reviewers, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes learning and idea development. The issue's topics revolve around challenges faced by students of color, exploring issues such as out-of-school suspensions, the impact of COVID-19 on education, Indigenous knowledge, rural education policy, cultural gaps, class start times, and critical race theory in schools. Authors delved into topics of personal interest and experiences that influenced their research, all with the common goal of improving educational equality. The special issue serves as a platform for scholars to grow and collaborate, fostering efforts towards positive change in the academic landscape for every student's benefit.

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