The collaborative team approach is an approach in which general education and special education teachers work together in a single classroom to provide instruction to all students. Neither teacher has more authority than the other.

Education should not be compartments in which one has a mindset of “my students” and “your students”. The mindset must be changed to “our students”. This change in mindsets must begin in pre-service programs in order to carry on to PreK-12 classrooms. As inclusion becomes more and more accepted in public education, educators must be taught strategies that will enable them to work collaboratively with each other.

This article is the result of the construction of and distribution of a Personnel Preparation Profile instrument which examined the specific perceptions of Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) methods faculty. Responses were based on respondents’ perceptions toward the amount of time the IHE general education methods faculty was involved with professional development activities including special education and their perceptions of how often special education was discussed in their “methods” classrooms. Sixty surveys were distributed, and 32 were returned for a response rate of 53%.



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