The following is a collection of reflections written by six educators ranging from K–Higher Education. In this feature, these educators share their experiences of living and educating during the 2020–2021 COVID-19 pandemic. Once compartmentalized and only used when needed, their separate roles and identities had to merge to meet educator, spousal, and parental demands. The first text by Brett Nickerson shows how his life as husband and father collided with his profession as an assistant professor at a university when his wife, a dedicated nurse, was called to help others in need. The second testimonial is by Mayra Garcia, a wife, parent of two, and social studies teacher at a high school. The third piece is by Claire Murillo, an educator and a mother, who experienced caring for a newborn during a hectic year of changes. Regina J. Bustillos, a wife, mother of four, and an educator in a border town in West Texas, contributes the fourth reflection. In the fifth reflection, Qiana O’Leary shares her narrative about finding who she is as an educator in this unprecedented crisis. Finally, the sixth reflection by Sara Abi Villanueva—a wife, mother of two, at the time, a graduate student, and an English, language arts, and reading teacher at the secondary level—is a life-in-the-day reflection schedule.



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