This article outlines a consultation case study facilitated in an urban elementary school through the University School Training Model (USTM) (Colles et al., 2019; Morris et al., 2016). The USTM is a collaboration between an APA accredited Counseling Psychology doctoral program and an urban school district to provide racially responsive counseling and consulting services and graduate level training. The case study details a consultation practica to improve school, family, and community collaborations in an urban elementary school with predominantly Black stakeholders and a predominantly White female school staff. The introduction, background, and self-evaluation of the consultation process are reviewed. Project demographics, situation background, consultee role, and problem statement are then addressed. The goals, intervention grids, evaluation, termination, and post consultation follow-up are discussed. The transformative impact of consulting with urban school leaders to dismantle educational practices that uphold racism, white supremacy, and anti-Blackness that inhibit school, family, and community collaborations is highlighted.



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