Educator preparation programs and school districts continue to strive to meet their commitment to better prepare future teachers for entry into the field of education. For more than 100 years, beginning as a normal school, a midwest university has had a strong reputation for the preparation of teachers. After a significant revision to the curriculum to one driven by competencies, this university increased field experiences for teacher candidates, including a culminating year out called Residency Practicum and Student Teaching. Over the course of the undergraduate program, candidates work toward achievement of competencies assigned throughout the coursework and aligned to state standards. The focus of this article is on teacher candidates identifying and reflecting upon competency-based goals for the Residency Practicum. The purpose of the study is to gain the teacher candidates’ perspectives on the competencies they identified most often as goals for improvement throughout the Residency Practicum and the percentage of teacher candidates who grew in proficiency through self-assessed ratings of the competencies.



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