Volume 4 (2022) Summer 2022

In memory of Dr. Marie-Anne Mundy

Dr. Marie-Anne Mundy, an Associate Professor for Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, took a major role in the establishment of the TxDLA Journal and served the Journal over the past six years on its Editorial Board. Dr. Mundy influenced the Journal to maintain a focus on original research, adding to the literature for Texas academic institutions.

Photo of Dr. Marie-Anne Mundy

As a tenured faculty in the Educational Leadership program, Marie-Anne mentored numerous students through their graduate studies and their first successes in professional publication. She was dedicated to guiding her students on a journey of discovery for scholarship and professional identity. She served on countless dissertation committees as chair and committee member and throughout all of them a sense of pride for the growth she saw her students display was apparent. Marie-Anne truly believed that her students would influence the landscape of higher education for decades to come and she instilled in them a curiosity for what statistics and data could do to inform decisions and enhance current practices.

Marie-Anne worked tirelessly to build the higher education community she was a proud member of. She was a scholar, mentor, and friend and is dearly missed.