Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)

Welcome to the first edition of our new journal, Middle Level Education in Texas (MLET). MLET is an online journal published by Professors of Middle Level Education in Texas (POMLET). POMLET is the newly formed Texas affiliate of National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education (NAPOMLE). Our goal is to provide both scholarly and practitioner-based articles for teachers, school administrators, and university faculty involved in middle level education in Texas and across the country. We have included four great articles in this first edition and expect this is just the beginning of some great journals!

MLET is published twice each year. I encourage researchers and practitioners to submit articles for review. I also encourage you to join POMLET and become an advocate for middle level education in the Texas. The links for POMLET membership is provided below. POMLET membership: http://pomlet.weebly.com/membership.html

Thank you to the MLET Editorial Review Board Members, who helped to review the articles for this inaugural issue:

Dr. Erik Byker, POMLET Copy Editor
Dr. Laura Allen
Dr. Bill Edgington
Dr. Brandon Fox
Dr. Diane Galloway
Dr. Sheila Gloer
Dr. Claudia Whitley

Michelle Williams, POMLET Editor
Stephen F. Austin State University



Trust Me on This
Anita L. Bright


Effects of Culturally Relevant Teaching on Seventh Grade African American Students
Shawanna M. Paulk, James Martinez, and Dawn T. Lambeth


Four Reasons Why Pre-service and Practicing Teachers Should Present at Professional Conferences
Jana Hunzicker, Teresa Biddison, Megan Hickey, and Alyssa McClethen