Laure Morgan


What is in a title? How can Municipal Clerks or City Secretaries in Texas increase awareness and respect for their profession? The office of Municipal Clerk, also known as City Secretary, in Texas, is established by statute, and municipal clerks are the heart and soul of municipal governments. They work with the mayor, the city council, the city manager (when there is one), and a1ll administrative departments. The expertise, service, and information that the municipal clerk possess is needed daily. Despite their realm of expertise and duties, many municipal clerks are still thought of as just secretaries by their city administrators, their city council, and their citizens. This is detrimental to many of the men and women in this profession, who are certified, educated, and have given many years of service to the profession. This distorted perception is a hindrance to their office and career advancement. Many municipal clerks are passed over for promotions, pay increases, or, in some instances, have had their offices done away with due to the lack of knowledge of the vital role that they play. Many of these municipal clerks possess the ability and education to advance to other management positions in municipal government but are often passed over due to the perception of their profession by the people with the power to promote them. Municipal clerks are typically perceived as being at the top of their career ladder in municipal government with no hope for promotion. Municipal clerks need tools to increase awareness and respect for their profession. Examining the current situation faced by municipal clerks and the problems faced by those in the profession can help these clerks answer the above questions and provide options that can be used to brand or promote their profession, skills, and the office. Once the position of Municipal Clerk is more clearly understood by other city officials, those officials will find it easier to recruit and retain qualified municipal clerks and will recognize them as a potential talent pool for other management positions.



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