Recent Additions


Activist 101 Activities for Pre-Service Teachers
Heather K. Olson Beal, Lauren Burrow, Chrissy Cross, and Amber Wagnon


Can athletes be tough yet compassionate to themselves? Practical implications for NCAA mental health best practice no. 4
Andreas Stamatis, Paul J. Deal, Grant B. Morgan, Jeffrey S. Forsse, Zacharias Papadakis, Sarah McKinley-Barnard, Eric M. Scudamore, and Panagiotis Koutakis


Propranolol Sensitizes Vascular Sarcoma Cells to Doxorubicin by Altering Lysosomal Drug Sequestration and Drug Efflux
Jhuma Saha, Jong Hyuk Kim, Clarissa N. Amaya, Caleb M. Witcher, Ali Khammanivong, Derek M. Korpela, David R. Brown, Josephine Taylor, Brad A. Bryan, and Erin B. Dickerson


Small Businesses and Covid-19
Teagan Wertman, Jennifer Burmaster, Faie Buschardt, and David Hanes


Covid-19 and Faith
Liam Abney, Callie Neumann, Madalyn Botello, and Daniel Neff


Covid-19 and its Effects on Education
Kathryn Elsing, Megan Bynum, Jaime Johnston, and Alex Hanks


COVID-19 and Small Town America
Rae Bynum, Noah Bowman, Chloe Carlson, and Ryan Shaver


Transepithelial Anti-Neuroblastoma Response to Kale among Four Vegetable Juices Using In Vitro Model Co-Culture System
John Piletz, Yuhan Mao, Debarshi Roy, Bilal Qizilbash, Eurielle Nkamssi, Enleyona Weir, Jessica Graham, Mary Emmanuel, Suwaira Iqbal, Kellie Brue, and Bidisha Roy Sengupta


Building a strength-based support program for college students with autism
DeAnn Lechtenberger, Wesley H. Dotson, Eriko Fukuda, Rebecca Beights, Jennifer Hamrick, James Williams, and Barry Lovelace


Using Relational Frame Theory to Teach Nutritional Values
Summer Koltonski Ph.D., Ginger L. Kelso Ph.D., and Glen McCuller Ph.D.


¡Mucha lucha! Building a Brand
Jason D. Reese, Marlene Kahla, and Robert M. Crocker

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