How Do Adolescents Perceive Coeducational and Same-sex Physical Education Classes?

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As university professors and physical education practitioners debate whether physical education classes should return to teaching males and females separately, perhaps we have forgotten to listen to a very important third party-the students. Treanor, Graber, Housner, and Wiegand (1998) recently investigated middle school students' perceptions of coeducational and same-sex physical education. The participants in the study were 466 physical education students (263 males 203 females) from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades at a middle school in a moderate-size city in the southwest U.S. The four physical education teachers (2 males, females) each had at least eight years of experience.


Sinclair, Christina. (2000) How do adolescents perceive coeducational and same-sex physical education classes? The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance, 71(1), 9.



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