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Spiro Engraved, characterized by restricted set of curvilinear motifs, is viewed as one of the ceramic hallmarks of the Early Caddo period (A.D. 950-1150). Spatial variation in Spiro Engraved vessels has been well-documented through various provenance and stylistic studies across the northern and southern Caddo areas. However, almost no analyses of Spiro Engraved vessels have considered variation in motif occurrence and expression between the northern and southern Caddo areas. In this study, I review the most robust and comprehensive sample of Spiro Engraved vessels throughout the Caddo world to understand motif variation within the region. The results show that northern Caddo people may have chosen specific Spiro Engraved motifs to be included as part of their mortuary programs at ceremonial mound sites, while southern Caddo people seemed to have incorporated the full spectrum of Spiro Engraved motifs for domestic, ceremonial, and mortuary purposes.

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