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This is the first iteration of a comprehensive list of all known ancestral Woodland period (ca. 2500-1150 years B.P.) and Caddo (ca. 1150-300 years B.P., Early Caddo, ca. 1150-750 years B.P.; Middle Caddo, ca. 750-550 years B.P.; Late Caddo, 550-270 years B.P., and Historic Caddo, postdating 270 years B.P.) cemetery/burial sites in East Texas and along the Sabine River at Toledo Bend Reservoir in Northwest Louisiana. If a cultural component cannot be established at this time for some of the Caddo sites, they are simply identified as having a Caddo component. Several references were key in compiling this list, including Thurmond (1990), Kenmotsu and Perttula (1993), Perttula (2012), and Perttula et al. (2011), plus many articles in the Journal of Northeast Texas Archaeology, Special Publications of the Friends of Northeast Texas Archaeology, and other available East Texas Caddo archaeological publications. The site files, county files, notes, and records on sites held by the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory have proved invaluable over the years with regards to East Texas Caddo research endeavors by myself and others, as have information shared by knowledgeable avocational archaeologists, and I found much useful information on the Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

At the present time (July 15, 2020), there are 617 known and likely cemetery and burial sites with available information to some degree in East Texas and along the Sabine River in the Toledo Bend Reservoir area of Northwest Louisiana, and 120 identified mound sites, many also with off-mound cemeteries and burial features. The search for more ancestral Woodland and Caddo cemetery and burial sites will continue for a while, if any colleagues have sites that can be added.

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