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BOB Hydrographics, LLC (BOB) conducted an underwater archaeological survey for proposed dredging adjacent 16628 Market Street in Channelview, Texas. The project is located upstream of River Terrace Park on the northern bank of Old River, an oxbow channel of the San Jacinto River, in Harris County. This project was sponsored by 16628 Market Street, LLC. The project spans portions of State Mineral Lease, Old River Tract A. An area of 3.5 acres is proposed for dredging to provide consistent depths for barge fleeting. Water depths in the survey area range from 3.5 to 15 feet. Dredging will remove sediment to an approximate depth of 12 feet, including shoals along the shoreline, allowing barges and tugs to moor along the existing bulkhead. The survey area measures 8.8 acres, including navigable portions of a 50- meter buffer around the project perimeter but excluding areas where survey was prohibited by parked barges. Field investigations consisted of a marine geophysical survey, performed under Texas Antiquities Permit 8878, on May 8, 2019. The purpose of BOB’s survey was to locate potential archaeological sites that would be affected by construction activities A desktop review of the cultural background determined that 10 marine archaeological investigations, 1 archival study, and at least 27 shipwrecks have been reported within 3 miles of the survey area. Magnetometer data was inconclusive due to abundant modern anomaly sources in the vicinity. Analysis of side-scan sonar data discovered no significant targets. BOB recommends clearance of the 3.5-acre project proposed for dredging from further cultural resource requirements. This study was completed in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (Public Law 89-665; 16 U.S.C. 470) and the Antiquities Code of Texas (Texas Natural Resource Code, Title 9, Chapter 191). The minimum reporting and survey requirements for marine archaeological studies conducted under a Texas Antiquities Permit are mandated by The Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 2, Chapters 26 and 28, respectively. Project records are curated at the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University in San Marcos. No artifacts were collected during this survey.

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