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North Texas Municipal Water District is planning the Plano Eastside Pipeline Replacement project in Collin County, Texas. The proposed project consists of replacing approximately 8,000 linear feet (2,438 meters) of waterline along the west side of Shiloh Road. Much of the line will be replaced within existing easements and in parking lots and entrances associated with commercial developments between Renner Road and 14th Street, and along Del Sol Drive. However, a few segments will require new easements. These segments total approximately 570 meters and are the only sections in need of an intensive pedestrian survey, although they parallel existing utilities. The survey was conducted within a 30-meter corridor, consisting of approximately 4.19 acres. AR Consultants, Inc. conducted survey on January 18, 2018 under Texas Antiquities Permit Number 8277. It was predicted that there was archaeological potential for historic cultural resources, however, potential for prehistoric sites was low. Four shovel tests were excavated; no cultural resources were observed on the surface and all shovel tests were devoid of cultural materials. As such, AR Consultants, Inc. recommends that further cultural resource investigations are unwarranted and requests that that Texas Historical Commission concur with this assessment. However, if artifacts or features are found during construction, work should stop immediately, and the Archeology Division of the Texas Historical Commission should be notified before work resumes. Field documents, photos, and other paperwork from this survey will be curated at the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University.

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