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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) proposes to construct a new loop along a portion of the existing Farm-to-Market Road (FM) 1585 from 0.5 miles northwest of US 62/82 to 0.5 miles east of US 67 in Lubbock, Texas. The overall Loop 88 Project has a length of approximately 12.38 miles with a width that varies from approximately 150 feet to 300 feet and an area of potential effects (APE) consisting of 736.6 acres. Based on the recommendations of a prior survey conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit 8023, the current investigation examined a 0.2 acre portion of the overall 736.6 acre APE. The survey area is approximately 0.23 miles east of the intersection of FM 1585 and FM 179 immediately north of the FM 1584 roadway.

TxDOT conducted the Intensive Archeological Survey and Georcheological Assessment of the 0.2 acre area within existing and proposed new ROW of the Loop 88 Project in Lubbock County, Texas. No previously recorded archeological sites are recorded within the project area although the discovery of fossil mammal remains near a playa 0.23 miles east of the intersection of FM 1585 and FM 179 (under Permit 8023) necessitated the current survey and geoarcheological evaluation. Gradall scraping was proposed to relocate the prior trenches, reach the depth of the purported finds, and carefully scrape to assess presence or absence of additional elements.

During the archeological survey and georcheological assessment of the location presently identified as the Megafauna Locality, the investigations yielded additional disarticulated megafauna remains thought to be mammoth and possibly bison. Pleistocene megafauna remains have been found in archeological sites in the region such as Lubbock Lake, Plainview, and Miami Texas. As such, TxDOT is proceeding cautiously given the potential for a site of considerable antiquity. Given the unusual nature of the find, TxDOT is recommending the Megafauna Locality be treated as eligible for listing to the National Register of Historic Places (36 CFR 800.16(l)) and designation as a State Antiquities Landmark (13 TAC 26.12).

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