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PROJECT TITLE: Intensive Archeological Survey of SH 332 from FM 521 to SH 288, Brazoria County, Texas.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The proposed undertaking would consist of 5.3 miles of roadway improvements and 1.1 miles of drainage easement for SH 332 between FM 521 and SH 288. This area is comprised of properties owned by the State of Texas (existing right-of-way [ROW]), as well as properties that are privately owned (proposed new ROW and easement). Blanton & Associates, Inc. conducted survey of portions of the project area of potential effects (APE) on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation, Houston District.

PROJECT LOCATION: Brazoria County, Texas; Brazoria and Lake Jackson US Geological Survey 7.5” topographical quadrangle

APE ACREAGE: Approximately 167.1 (96.7 acres existing ROW, 56.9 acres proposed ROW, and 13.5 acres proposed drainage)

APE ACRES SURVEYED: Approximately 10.88 (59.2 additional acres were surveyed in 2004/2005)

DATE(S) OF WORK: June 21 to 22, 2017

PURPOSE OF WORK: The purpose of the archeological survey was to locate and evaluate archeological sites within the SH 332 project APE in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and associated federal regulations (36 CFR 800), as well as the Texas Antiquities Code (9 TNRC 191) and associated state regulations (13 TAC 26).



PROJECT ARCHEOLOGISTS: Timothy B. Griffith, Ph.D., Joseph Sanchez



RESULTS/RECOMMENDATIONS: The intensive archeological survey focused on 10.88 acres of the total 15.75 acres of proposed ROW not previously surveyed in 2004 and 2005, where right of entry was granted. A total of two shovel tests were excavated during the investigation. No archeological sites were identified within these portions of the APE, and no further work is recommended at these locations. Approximately 4.87 remaining acres of the APE were inaccessible at the time of survey due to lack of right of entry. Most inaccessible portions of the APE are characterized as low probability by the Houston District Potential Archeological Liability Map for the presence of intact archeological deposits, while a few inaccessible portions of the APE near the SH 332 crossing of Buffalo Camp Bayou are characterized as high probability. Investigators assessed these portions of the APE from the existing ROW and determined that past and present subsurface investigations in the vicinity of these parcels, as well as a lack of indications of previous historic-aged structures at these locations, based on maps and aerial photo research, provide adequate data to conclude that all of these inaccessible parcels possess low probability for the presence of intact archeological deposits. Based on this information, no further work is recommended for these locations.

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