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This Bibliography, the January 2018 edition, is the latest and most comprehensive version of published sources concerning the archaeology, bioarchaeology, ethnography, ethnography, and history of the Caddo Indian peoples of the Trans-Mississippi South. I have continued to update and reformat the bibliography through the Friends of Northeast Texas Archaeology, not for publication but as a resource to be shared. It is my hope that this most current and 8th edition of the bibliography will continue to be a useful reference work for people conducting research on, and/or are interested in, Caddo native history and culture.

This latest and updated version of the bibliography contains over 5400 references whose subject matter in some manner is about the Caddo Indian peoples, an aboriginal people that lived in southwest Arkansas, northwest Louisiana, eastern Oklahoma, and eastern Texas (Figure 1) from as early as the Woodland period (ca. 500 B.C. to A.D. 800) to the present-day. References concerning older cultures that inhabited the area—Archaic and Paleoindian cultures—are not included in the bibliography. The traditional homelands of the Caddo Indian peoples, centering on the Red River in the Great Bend area, covered approximately 200,000 km2.

The bibliography is organized into three major sections: (1) Caddo Archaeology and Bioarchaeology; (2) Caddo Ethnohistory & Ethnography; and (3) Caddo History.

I intend the Caddo bibliography to include references to all works that address Caddo research questions and topics and/or provide information that will be useful to people involved in Caddo research in this region, and it is current as I can make it as of January 2017. These include cultural resources management (CRM) reports of limited distribution, journal articles, books, and other published or formally completed documents, as well as important unpublished references. I have tried to select references that have substantive information on the archaeology and history of the Caddo or their Woodland period ancestors within the boundaries of the Caddo area. I will continue to regularly update this Bibliography, and am actively seeking contributions from others interested in Caddo archaeology, bioarchaeology, ethnography, and history.

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