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In May and July of 2016, AmaTerra Environmental, Inc. (AmaTerra) conducted a cultural resources survey for the proposed Sabine River Authority Sabine River pump station and pipeline route in Orange and Newton Counties, Texas. The total project area covers 128 acres, which will be utilized for the construction of a pump station and water pipeline.

Archeological investigations, conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 7597, consisted of a pedestrian survey and the manual excavation of 133 shovel tests within the Area of Potential Effect (APE). Field archeologists observed numerous landscape modifications resulting from transportation, commercial and residential development, and timbering. No archeological sites or isolated finds are located within the proposed construction footprint. Additionally, AmaTerra historians surveyed the APE for historic-age resources built in or before 1973 and identified 20 properties. After evaluating these for eligibility in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), project historians recommend that two of the surveyed properties, immediately adjacent to one another, are eligible for NRHP listing: the Deweyville Swing Bridge, which was previously listed in the NRHP, and the Texas Centennial Marker, which was included as contributing to the Deweyville Swing Bridge and is a class of resource that has been found to be NRHP-eligible across the state. Because the proposed undertaking would not diminish the integrity of the Deweyville Swing Bridge or the Texas Centennial Marker, impair their ability to convey significance, or introduce substantial direct or indirect effects, a finding of no adverse effect is recommended. Based on the results of AmaTerra’s field investigations, the Principal Investigators recommend for the project to proceed with no further work warranted.

No artifacts were collected during this survey. All documents and photographs generated during this survey will be permanently curated at the Texas Archeological Laboratory in Austin.

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