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The E. H. Buchanan site is an ancestral Caddo settlement investigated by B. B. Gardner of The University of Texas in July 1930. The site lies between Pond Creek and Salt Well Slough, streams that drain into the nearby Red River, and they are not far upstream from the large Caddo mound and village center at the Sam Kaufman site (41RR16) on Mound Prairie.

As described in Gardner’s notes on file at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) at The University of Texas at Austin, the site lay adjacent to a salt lick on “Buchanan’s upper place,” on a natural alluvial mound. The archaeological deposit was ca. 20-25 cm thick, with much charcoal and ash. Furthermore, Gardner noted that “there is a spot comprising approximately 1/2 acre on which are literally bushels of potsherds, apparently from very large vessels. Unlike most of such places, it is on heavy, stiff soil.” The description provided by Gardner strongly suggests that the E. H. Buchanan Plantation is another salt-making site near Salt Well Slough, much like the Salt Well Slough site (41RR204), 41RR248, 41RR256, and 41RR257.

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