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An intensive archeological survey was completed in order to inventory and evaluate archeological resources within the footprint of proposed widening improvements to Farm-to-Market Road 2100 between Huffman-Cleveland Road and the proposed State Highway (SH) 99 (Grand Parkway) in eastern Harris County, Texas. The project is approximately 5.73 miles or 9.2 kilometers in length and has a typical width of between 150 to 220 feet or 45.7 to 67.0 meters. The APE is 147.37 acres or 83 hectares with 90.93 acres or 36.8 hectares of the total being new right-of-way. Typical roadway construction would occur within 2 feet or 0.6 meters, with possible deeper impacts for construction of drainage elements. Fieldwork was conducted on June 19-21, 2017, under Texas Antiquities Permit (TAP) 8022. Based on the review of the Houston Potential Archeological Liability Map (PALM), a majority of the project area, a total of 90.14 acres (36.5 hectares), was determined to fall within PALM Unit 4 where no survey is recommended due to the occurrence of Pleistocene landforms, and urban land. Surface survey is recommended for the remaining 36.31 acres (14.7 hectares) that fall within PALM Unit 2, and 20.92 acres (8.5 hectares) would receive a surface survey on mounds in PALM Unit 2a areas. All of the acreages with access subject to a level of intensive survey were determined to have ground-disturbing activities associated with erosion, and construction and maintenance of the existing road. No new archeological sites were identified during the survey and no artifacts were identified or recovered. Project records will be curated at the Center for Archeological Studies (CAS) at Texas State University. The Texas Historical Commission concurred with the findings and recommendations of this report on September 1, 2017.

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