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The City of Lewisville is proposing the construction of two canoe and kayak launch areas (North and South) along the Elm Fork Trinity River in Lewisville, Denton County, Texas. The proposed project consists of constructing water craft launch areas, vehicle parking areas, restroom facilities, and access roadways at each launch location. The North launch is located on property owned by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and managed by City of Lewisville. The 4.6-acre North launch is located approximately 300 feet (91.4 meters) downstream of the water discharge at Lewisville Lake Dam. The 4.1-acre South launch is on City of Lewisville property, about 6 river miles (9.7 kilometers) downstream of the North launch. Both proposed launch areas would be constructed on the west banks of the Elm Fork Trinity River.

Jacobs conducted an intensive archeological survey to determine if any cultural resources sites are located within the project area and, if so, evaluate their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places and/or designation as a State Antiquities Landmark. The investigations at the South launch were conducted under the Texas Antiquities Code (Permit No. 8173); work at the North launch was coordinated with USACE. The Principal Investigator for the project was Michael Mudd. The field survey was conducted 3-5 October 2017 and a total of 80 person-hours were invested for the project.

The intensive archeological survey of the North and South launch areas resulted in the documentation of no prehistoric- or historic-age sites. Based on the findings, it is Jacobs’ opinion that no further archeological work is warranted for the project. However, in the unlikely event that any human remains or grave goods are inadvertently discovered at any point during construction, use, or ongoing maintenance of the property, even in previously surveyed areas, all work should cease immediately and the Texas Historical Commission should be notified of the discovery.

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