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The City of Lueders, TX is proposing to make improvements to its water system in Jones County, TX. The project includes construction of an approximately 900 m long waterline south of town running from Cox Street to CR207/204. The pipeline bores under the Clear Fork of the Brazos River 450 m upstream from the Lake Penick dam. Jacob & Martin, LTD, which is designing the pipeline route, contracted with AR Consultants, Inc. to conduct a pedestrian survey of the route. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if significant cultural resources were present in the proposed project area. Site 41JS136 (formerly 41JS75), is a surficial scatter of prehistoric artifacts eroding out of the terrace overlooking the Clear Fork and site 41JS135 is the remains of a historic lake and associated features. Neither site is receiving a formal recommendation for NRHP or SAL. No evidence of the prehistoric site was found in the proposed route, and one of the levees for the historic lake will be avoided by directionally drilling under it. The portion of the route through 41JS136 (formerly 41JS75) is considered ineligible. No other cultural resources were identified during the survey of the remainder of pipeline route. Based on the results of the survey, AR Consultants, Inc. concludes that further cultural resource investigations for this project area are unwarranted, and requests that the THC concur with this recommendation. No artifacts were collected during the survey, and all paperwork will be curated with the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University. However, if buried cultural materials are discovered during construction or the route changes, the Archeology Division of the THC and the Fort Worth District of the USACE should be notified.

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