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On February 17, 2015, Hicks & Company conducted an intensive archeological survey of the proposed Johnson City’s (the City’s) New Skateboard Park location in Blanco County, Texas. The project will consist of a new concrete skate park that will be constructed on an approximately 0.66-acre area of potential effects (Figure 1). In addition to any necessary landclearing and leveling, proposed impacts will include the laying of about 93 square meters (1,000 square feet) of concrete, four pairs of 1-meter by 1.5-meter (3-foot by 5-foot) washer pits, and a native plant garden with a 30 centimeter (12-inch ) depth of impact. This new skate park will be located immediately adjacent to an existing park playground and baseball fields. As the City will receive funding through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, an entity of the state of Texas, the City has contracted with Hicks & Company to conduct Antiquities Code of Texas Coordination (ACT) with the Texas Historical Commission (THC). Since this project lacks federal permitting or funding, it is not subject to coordination under the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended. All work was coordinated with the THC and performed under Texas Antiquities Permit #7558

No newly recorded sites were documented during the current investigation, which consisted of pedestrian survey supplemented by shovel testing. A total of two shovel tests were excavated during the survey, neither of which was positive for cultural materials (see Appendix A for Shovel Test Locations and Appendix B for Shovel Test Data).

Josh Haefner, the Principal Investigator for the project, conducted the survey with Will Pratt. Will Pratt authored the report. A total of four field hours were spent on the archeological investigations. Jerod McCleland conducted Geographic Information Systems (GIS) processing and map production, and Anna Holley aided in report formatting and production. As no artifacts were observed during survey all project-related documents, forms, and photographs will be permanently curated at the Center for Archeological Studies (CAS) in San Marcos, Texas. This report serves as partial fulfillment of the requirements of Antiquities Permit #7558.

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