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In June 2015, Natural Resource Group, LLC conducted Phase I cultural resource investigations within eight parcels that are managed by the Texas General Land Office. The tracts are located in El Paso, Hudspeth, and Reeves counties, Texas and the studies are associated with Phase 1 of the Roadrunner Gas Transmission, LLC (Roadrunner) Roadrunner Project. Roadrunner has entered into an operating agreement with ONEOK WesTex Transmission Company, L.L.C. (WesTex), a subsidiary of ONEOK, to construct, operate and maintain an intrastate pipeline in the State of Texas under the jurisdiction of the Texas Railroad Commission. WesTex plans to construct approximately 205 miles of 30-inch diameter natural gas intrastate pipeline that begins in Pecos County, Texas, and extends westward across Reeves, Culberson, Hudspeth, and El Paso counties. Construction will occur in two stages (Phase 1 and Phase 2). Phase 1 consists of two greenfield segments on the eastern and western ends of the proposed route that total approximately 105 miles. The Phase 2 corridor is approximately 100 miles long, and connects the two Phase 1 segments by generally following an existing pipeline corridor.

The studies were authorized under Texas Antiquities Permit #7252 and General Land Office Authorization to Conduct Archeology No. 15-0010. They were conducted within a 300-foot-wide survey corridor and along segments of five proposed access roads.

No previously recorded archaeological sites or historic structures occur within the investigated areas, and no new cultural resources were identified during the field effort. Therefore, we recommend that construction be allowed to proceed as currently planned without further consideration of cultural resources.

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