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In late April, 2015, Archaeology Consultants, Inc., performed a cultural resources survey for the Donna Independent School District Aquatic Center and Walking Trail Project in Hidalgo County, Texas. About 6.65 acres was surveyed. The location of the project area within public school district property and within a region known to contain numerous archeological sites prompted the Texas Historical Commission to recommend the survey for compliance with the Antiquities Code of Texas. The Commission issued Texas Antiquities Permit 7163 for the survey.

The survey included a search of the Commission’s Texas Archeological Sites Atlas for previous surveys and recorded archaeological sites in the vicinity, pedestrian surface examination, survey-level subsurface testing, and reporting. The background search revealed that apparently no archaeological resources were previously found or recorded within or adjacent to the project area. No cultural evidence, as defined in the Antiquities Code of Texas, was found during the survey, and nothing was collected or curated.

The investigating archaeologists believed that the project as planned should not affect any cultural resources worthy of listing in the National Register of Historic Places or designation as State Antiquities Landmarks or Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks. Therefore Archaeology Consultants, Inc., recommended to the project sponsors and consultants, and to the Commission, that the project should proceed without further work for Antiquities Code of Texas compliance, except in the event of finds of cultural evidence during construction. It was further recommended that if any cultural evidence was found during project-related disturbances, per applicable antiquities statutes and regulations work should immediately be halted in the vicinity until such finds were examined and evaluated by Archaeology Consultants, Inc., by another qualified archaeological consultant, or by the Commission’s Archeology Division staff.

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