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On February 19 and 25, 2015, Energy Renewal Partners, LLC (Energy Renewal) carried out an intensive pedestrian survey on a proposed portion of the Los Vientos IV Wind Energy Project site located on Texas General Land Office (GLO) land. Brandon Richards served as the Principal Investigator, and was aided by Jennifer Klingshirn. The survey area (“Project Area,” Area of Potential Effect, or “APE”) consisted of approximately 4.1 acres of upland mesquite pasture, about 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Rio Grande City, in Starr County, Texas. The purpose of the intensive survey was to supplement the 126 acres surveyed in August 2014 due to a slight change in project design.

As with the 126-acre survey, no archaeological sites or artifacts were identified. In addition, the upland setting, thin soil cover, abundant exposed caliche and limestone, and lack of deposition provide little opportunity for buried cultural resources. The proposed undertaking will not affect any prehistoric or historic period archaeological sites deemed eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, or designated as State Antiquities Landmarks, as defined in 36CFR 800.16(1), 36 CFR 60.4, and 13 TAC 26.5. It is therefore recommended that the project be allowed to proceed without further archaeological investigations.

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