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This article, and the three that follow in this volume, are summaries of artifact surface collections obtained by Robert L. Turner, Jr. at four sites in the Big Cypress Creek basin in the Post Oak Savanna and Pineywoods of Northeast Texas. The first surface collection is from the L.A. Hale Mound site (41TTI2) on Blundell Creek, a southward-draining tributary to Big Cypress Creek.

According to Thurmond, the principal component at the L.A. Hale Mound site is an Early Caddo (ca. A.D. 900-1200) mound center with extensive midden deposits. There are six mounds at the site, two large platform mounds (Mounds 1 and 2) and four low mounds that cover occupational deposits and burned house structures. There are also four large midden areas adjacent to the earthen mounds as well as at least one borrow pit. In addition to the Early Caddo component, Thurmond has recognized Late Paleoindian, Early Archaic, Middle Archaic, Late Caddo Titus phase, and an early historic Anglo-American occupation from material culture remains recovered in excavations conducted at the site in 1934 by A. T. Jackson (1934) at The University of Texas and a 1980 surface collection by Susan Lisk of The University of Texas at Austin. Turner's collection adds additional information on the occupational history of the site. The exact location of the surface collection area at the site is not known.

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