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The Linebarger site (41CP493) is an ancestral Caddo site on Dry Creek in Camp County, not far upstream from the Tuck Carpenter site and large Late Caddo Titus phase cemetery. At least four ancestral Caddo burials are known to have been excavated at the Linebarger site in the 1960s, and Perttula documented two vessels and a large chipped biface from burial contexts in the Tommy Johns collection. The Robert L. Turner. Jr. surface collection came from an unspecified habitation area at the site.

The first documented vessel was a small inverted rim carinated bowl with a typologically unidentified engraved motif (horizontal engraved rim panel with a series of unique elements, including vertical engraved lines, ovals, semi-circles, and diagonal engraved lines, without apparent rhyme or pattern), and the other was a small tool punctatedjar with rim peaks and lug handles. The biface, made from a dark grayish-brown Central Texas chert, was well knapped with small retouch/pressure flakes along both edges of the piece; there is no evidence of polish on either face . The biface has basal notches and a short expanding stem (20.8 mm in stem width and 11 .8 nun in stem length). The biface is 174.5 mm in length, 72.0 mm in width, and only 7.6 mm in thickness.

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