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The Three Mounds Creek site is an ancestral Caddo multiple mound center along a southern-flowing tributary to the Sabine River in the Longview, Texas area. Buddy Jones recorded the site in 1956, and noted that it had three mounds. His notes fail to describe the mounds in any fashion, nor their relationship to each other or the landform they were built on, and no map is available that shows the location of the three mounds with respect to where he collected artifacts from the site.

In April 1956, Jones excavated a 9.5 x 12 ft. (2.9 x 3.6 m) unit at the site, in an old cotton field. It is unknown if this unit was placed in one of the three mounds, or what the vertical, horizontal, or depositional context of the artifacts was from the site. Perttula described a collection of 264 artifacts from that work that are in the Gregg County Historical Museum (GCHM), and these were primarily ceramic sherds (n=242, 92%). Two additional collections from the site were subsequently identified in the GCHM, and these were analyzed in January 2013. The results of those analyses are presented in this article.

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