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J. K. Wagner and Company, Inc. was retained by Harris County Precinct 2 to provide archeological investigations and historic research for the proposed Juan Seguin Park Plaza Project. The project area is owned by Harris County, and the project will be financed with county funds. The project will consist of new construction to update and modify the existing park.

The proposed Juan Seguin Park Plaza Project area is located on the west side of Texas Highway 134 at the south Lynchburg Ferry landing in east Harris County, Texas, and is approximately two acres in size. As the investigation revealed, the entire project area was apparently buried to a height above surrounding grades of about six to eight feet by the addition of fill.

On September 4, 2010, J. K. Wagner and Company, Inc. conducted an archeological survey with backhoe trenching under the auspices of Texas Antiquities Permit Number 5745. The entire site was subjected to pedestrian survey, and six backhoe trenches were excavated to six to eight feet below existing grade. All backhoe trenches revealed multiple layers of modern fill that included materials such as concrete rubble, asphalt chunks, metal and plastic water pipe segments, and other debris. No evidence of pre-1870s artifacts or features of the Historic period, or of prehistoric or aboriginal sites was encountered. Nothing was collected or curated.

Based on those findings, J. K. Wagner and Company, Inc. believes that the area investigated likely contains no cultural evidence or resources worthy of further investigation or eligible for land marking at the local, state, or national levels. Further, J. K. Wagner and Company, Inc. recommends that the proposed project should proceed without further cultural resource investigation. However, if areas outside of those subjected to backhoe trenching in the initial investigation will be impacted deeper than six feet below current grade, those areas should be examined prior to impact.

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