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In November of 2002 and March of 2003, a crew from the Center for Archaeological Research at The University of Texas at San Antonio conducted archeological and geoarcheological investigations along Salado Creek in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. The purpose of this fieldwork was to investigate, using shovel testing and backhoe trenching, the impact of the proposed construction of an approximately three-mile-long hike and bike trail along the creek. The work included testing for the presence of the historic Alsbury Family Cemetery and Homestead that may be in close proximity to the trail’s right-of-way. Work was performed under contract with HNTB Corporation of San Antonio. This work was conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 2917, with Steve A. Tomka serving as Principal Investigator.

Shovel testing and backhoe trenching yielded no significant archeological deposits. No cultural material was collected during the survey. A backhoe trench and shovel tests placed along the trail’s path in the vicinity of the cemetery encountered no signs of graves and archival research suggests the cemetery is well outside the trail right-of-way. It is believed that locating the Alsbury Family Cemetery may require pedestrian survey and subsurface investigations that are outside the scope of this project. Finally, it is recommended that the construction of the proposed hike and bike trail proceed as planned since it will not impact intact cultural deposits of significant research potential.

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