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The writing and eventual publication of The Hasinais by Herbert Eugene Bolton, the founder of Spanish borderlands studies, has had a long and storied journey that is well-laid out in an introduction by Russell Magnaghi, the editor of the original 1987 hardback and 2002 paperback editions of the book. Bolton became interested in the Hasinai Caddo peoples of East Texas shortly after he arrived at The University of Texas at Austin in 1901, as he became aware “that American history had always involved the Indians and that, as he began to study southwestern history, he also had to study the ethnology of the region." Through various twists and turns, he had the present book-length manuscript virtually completely written and ready for submittal to the Smithsonian Institution in 1907. Unfortunately, the manuscript was then put aside by Bolton as he moved on to other borderlands historical work on the West Coast and California and he never completed it. Parts of it were used by William J. Griffith, one of Bolton’s students, in his 1942 dissertation “The Spanish Occupation of the Hasinai Country, 1690-1737,” and then in a later monograph on the Hasinai, but it was Russell Magnaghi who took up the task of editing the book manuscript in 1971.

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