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The Norman site is seven miles southeast of Wagoner, Wagoner County, Okla., on State Highway 51. It is on the upper terraces on the west side of Grand River just north of the approach to the new bridge. Principal mound is a double unit; the larger mound, clearly visible from the highway, is conical, 27' high and 90' in diameter; the low mound, on the north, is circular, 7' high and 100' in diameter; a low, broad saddle 12' long connects the 2 mounds. An extensive habitation area, Unit IV, extends to the north and northeast of Mound I-2. Unit II was also a double unit; the larger mound was originally conical, 70' in diameter and probably 10' high. It was only 6.5' high when excavated, owing to a large pit previously dug from the apex. The smaller mound, on the north, was circular, 2.5' high and 45' in diameter. The edges of the two mounds overlapped somewhat. Unit III is a low circular mound 7' high and 11 O' in diameter. Unit VI is a low, circular mound 1.5' high and 45' in diameter. Unit II was completely excavated; approximately one third of Unit II, a portion of Mound 1-2 and a portion of the habitation area were also excavated.

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