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We recently completed archeological investigations on approximately 1400 acres of land on Harrison Bayou, Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant, Harrison County, Texas, leased by the Caddo Lake Institute, Inc. (Perttula and Nelson 1999). The Caddo Lake Institute, Inc. leased this portion of the Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant (LHAAP) for 30 years under a September 1996 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of the Army. These archeological investigations were completed under Archeological Resources Protection Permit DACA63-4- 97-0580 issued September 1, 1997, by the Real Estate Division of the Department of the Army, Fort Worth District, Corps of Engineers to the Caddo Lake Institute, Inc.

During these investigations, intensive shovel testing and a limited amount of hand excavations were completed at the Harrison Bayou site (41HS240), one of the earliest reported Caddoan sites in Northeast Texas (Ford 1936), but still one of the more poorly known sites in the region. In this paper, we discuss the work we conducted at the Harrison Bayou site, and summarize the archeological findings from this important Middle Caddoan period occupation at Caddo Lake.

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