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In June and July 1994, the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) conducted an archaeological survey on a 147-acre tract of land along Leon Creek in northern San Antonio for Pape-Dawson Engineers. The archaeological work was needed for compliance with U. S. Army Corps of Engineers permit requirements before construction of a water storage facility.

Four archaeological sites (41BX40, 4IBX47 , 4IBX48, and 4IBX50) had been recorded within this area in 1970 by avocational archaeologists. Additionally, CAR staff members conducted a brief reconnaissance over a 60-acre portion of the property in 1992.

Fieldwork consisted of pedestrian survey, 222 shovel tests, one 1-x-1-m test unit, backhoe trenches, plowing, and a geomorphological study by Lee Nordt of Texas A&M University. Evidence from this work suggests that two of the previously recorded sites, 4IBX40 and 4IBX47, are actually part of a single, largely intact, Early and Middle Archaic period site covering approximately 30 acres of the project area. The single site will retain the trinomial 4IBX47. The site contains three components: a Middle Archaic one in the upper 50 cm of the northern part of the site; an Early Archaic component, also in the upper 50 cm, found in the western part of the site; and a component of unknown age buried approximately 80-120 cm below the surface in the central part of the site. A transitional Archaic projectile point was found outside the boundaries of 4IBX47. Further investigation of this site is recommended before construction of the water storage facility. A series of simulated sampling experiments was also conducted with the shovel test data to evaluate the effectiveness of different sampling designs.

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