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As part of the Native American Graves Protection Act (NAGPRA) grant recently received by the Caddo Indian Tribe of Oklahoma, the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma requested that a professional archeologist (Timothy K. Perttula) conduct an ambitious three-day hands-on archeological and historical training session for tribal members, particularly members of the Caddo Repatriation Committee, in February 1995. The focus of the training session is to familiarize members of the Caddo Tribe in the identification of Caddo material culture (ceramics and lithics, as well as other types of artifacts found on habitation sites and in burial contexts), in learning the locations and distributions of prehistoric Caddo sites within the Caddoan Archeological Area, and establishing an understanding of the known locations of historic Caddo sites from archeological, historical, and archival sources.

I have been involved in Caddoan archeological and historical research for about 20 years, and completed a Ph.D. dissertation on Caddoan archeology in 1989. I have also worked with members of the Caddo Tribe on various archeological projects in Texas, most recently as part of the Caddo Lake Scholarship program established by the Caddo Lake Institute.

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