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A Reconnaissance of a Channel Dam and Flood Area on the San Saba River, Menard County, Texas


During December 1984, a reconnaissance was carried out along portions of the San Saba River west of Menard, Texas. The purpose of the study was to examine the location where a new channel dam will be constructed, and areas upstream, including Presidio San Saba (41 MN 1), to determine what cultural resources might be affected by any water level change as a result of dam installation.

The reconnaissance determined that construction of a new concrete dam to replace an earlier earthen dam of similar size will not impact any known cultural resources. The water level is not expected to be appreciably higher and, therefore, will not impact Presidio San Saba.

However, during a visit to Presidio San Saba, it was noted that golf course sprinkler system trenches have recently been excavated across portions of the historic site by the County of Menard. This trenching has disturbed buried cultural resources.