Archaeological sites within the right-of-way of the northward extension of Loop 1 (MoPac Boulevard), from US 183 to just north of Parmer Lane, are concentrated in two areas. One area is along an old road running north-south and lying to the west of the Balcones Research Center, and the other area is the late nineteenth century community of Waters Park.

The project involves the construction of a multilane divided freeway between the cited two termini. During initial reconnaissance in 1974, many sites were located within or near the proposed right-of-way. At that time and subsequently, site survey forms have been submitted to the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, Balcones Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin; sites have been revisited and reevaluated; one site has been nominated to and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places; one site has concurrently been determined eligible for listing on the Register; and one site complex (Waters Park) has been submitted for determination of eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places. A considerable amount of archival material was collected in 1974 and in the intervening years.

In accordance with Procedures for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties (36 CFR, Part 800), prescribed and endorsed by the Federal Highway Administration, and in concurrence with the Office of the State Historic Preservation Officer, affected sites were evaluated with regard to their potential for eligibility for inclusion within the National Register of Historic Places. The sites likewise were evaluated for their suitability as state archaeological landmarks since they will be on state land once the right-of-way has been purchased and will fall under the aegis of the Texas Antiquities Code.

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