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Additional archeological investigations and monitoring of restoration activities at the Sam Houston Home in Huntsville, Texas, are described in this report prepared by Jody C. Pevey. The original location of the Law Office was not found, but significant features relating to the Houston Home were discovered. Removal of the e¥isting east chimney and pad revealed the remnants of an earlier brick chimney pad with associated brick hearth supports. The types of bricks, mortar and construction techniques appear to be the same as those noted in a series of exterior and interior brick piers found along the south side of the house. The features are interpreted to represent one or two events associated with the original building episode. The positioning of the piers and chimney pad suggest the present house location is very close to the original position, and that the original rear porch was about 3.6 meters (12 feet) wide. A thorough study of nail hole patterns on the house is needed to test this interpretation, and we suggest this be done before restoration activities result in yet another set of square nail holes which will only add to the confusion currently surrounding the original appearance of the Houston Home. Ms. Pevey has done an excellent job in preparing a concise report of the archeological findings at "The Woodlands." We feel it contributes to the resolution of some of the controversies surrounding the much-needed restoration of the Houston Home and Law Office.


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