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Archaeological Investigations at the San Pedro Acequia San Antonio, Texas


The irrigation system in San Antonio was an integral part of its early history. Within the San Antonio area irrigation was a necessity to extend the planting season. An extended planting season would allow for diversified crops with different harvesting periods. The first municipal irrigation system was the San Pedro Acequia. It was constructed to serve the town with fresh water for household use and agricultural purposes. As the population increased and technology improved, the acequias changed in both appearance and function. In time, the San Pedro Acequia system became part of San Antonio's forgotten past.

Recently, excavations on the Government Service Administration (GSA) property in downtown San Antonio unearthed portions of the San Pedro Acequia. Investigations revealed the Acequia underwent three construction phases within the (GSA) property. Results of the archaeological investigations and literature research gives a vivid picture of the history of the San Pedro Acequia.