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During the months of January and February, 1975, an archaeological survey of the Olmos Basin from Olmos Dam to Hildebrand Avenue was conducted by the author for the Center for Archaeological Research of the University of Texas at San Antonio. The purpose of the survey was to locate, record, and assess the archaeological importance of any historic and prehistoric sites within the basin. The survey area was limited to lands owned by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, but sites reported in the immediately surrounding area have also been noted in order to form a more complete archaeological picture.

The Olmos Basin, with its perennial springs of water, has been as important camping place for thousands of years. From archaeological evidence so far accumulated it appears that man first lived in the area in Paleo Indian times. Projectile point of the Clovis, Plainview and Angostura types (9200-6000 B.C.) have been found in the Basin (Figure 3). Evidence of man’s presence in the Basin during Archaic (6000 B.C.- 1000 A.D.) and Neo-American (1000-1600 A. D.) times has also been documented by the finding of point types representative of these periods (Orchard 1974 and Figure 4) and pottery diagnostic of the latter period (Orchard and Campbell 1960).

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