It is the mission of the Index of Texas Archaeology to digitally curate, aggregate, and distribute redacted digital proxies of scarce, limited-production, and born-digital archaeological works produced throughout the State of Texas and adjacent regions. The Index of Texas Archaeology adheres to best practices as they relate to the curation of digital resources that are distributed in an open-access format where they are easily found and downloaded with searches of this site or through Google Scholar .

Current Volume: Volume 2021



Ann M. Early’s Contributions to Caddo Archeology
George Sabo III, Mary Beth Trubitt, and Kathy Cande


Investigating a Caddo Mound Site in the Ouachita River Valley
Mary Beth Trubitt, Jami J. Lockhart, and Vanessa N. Hanvey


Report: The 62nd Annual Caddo Conference and 27th Annual East Texas Archeological Conference, Tyler, Texas, February 28 and 29, 2020
Thomas H. Guderjan, E. Cory Sills, C. Colleen Hanratty, Keith Eppich, Amanda Regnier, Christy Simmons, Anthony Souther, and Mark Walters


Processing Matters: 3D Mesh Morphology
Robert Z. Selden Jr., Michael J. Shott, and Morgane Dubied


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