It is the mission of the Index of Texas Archaeology to digitally aggregate and distribute redacted digital proxies of scarce, limited-production, and born-digital archaeological works produced throughout the State of Texas and adjacent regions. The Index of Texas Archaeology adheres to best practices as they relate to the curation of digital reports and supplementary data, and indexes and distributes these resources in an open-access format where they are easily found on the website and through basic internet searches.

The Index of Texas Archaeology is an open-access resource that seeks to eliminate the current dearth of access to gray literature associated with archaeological undertakings in and around Texas by digitally aggregating, indexing, and distributing content to a global audience without the added requirement that users visit or register with the site to locate or download content of interest.

Current Volume: Volume 2021



Robert Z. Selden, Jr.
Associate Editor, Redactions
C. Britt Bousman
Content Editor
Bradford M. Jones
Associate Metadata Editor
Bonnie L. Etter