Packing for the trip: A model of competencies for successful expatriate hospitality assignment

Gina Fe Causin, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Baker Ayoun, Auburn University


This paper aims to propose a model to assist international hotel companies to prepare expatriate executives for their overseas assignments to minimize expatriate failure. Survey questionnaires measuring competences and skills of expatriation were administered to 66 representatives of the lodging associations and properties who are members in the International Hotel & Restaurant Association. Exploratory factor analysis findings indicate that three categories of attributes are keys for successful overseas assignments: personal competencies, global management skills, and expatriate adjustment. Human resource development professionals should be especially cognizant of identifying personal competencies as the distinguishing elements for selecting high-potential expatriate managers. Educational programs preparing students for work in international hospitality business should strive to expose students to all of the behavioral aspects of international hospitality business identified in this study. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.